“Hyperglycemia is a condition in which an excessive amount of glucose [sugar] circulates in the blood.”

I have a horrible sweet tooth. As I type here, I am munching on some Tootsie Rolls I swiped from a friend’s desk. I’m not sure how many I’ve eaten. Usually, when you eat a number of cookies or pieces of candy, you eventually reach an amount that makes you say, “Okay. I’m done with the candy. It doesn’t taste as good as it did when I first started eating it.” I have the problem of “ooh, this sixth cookie tastes as good as the first one did” and then all of a sudden, half the package of Oreos is gone.


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an emotional eater. I have been for my entire life, or at least since I realized that food made me feel better when something went wrong. I’m not really so much a bored eater, but I will resort to a package of Break-and-Bake cookies when my life goes to crap. I picked up the habit of binge eating from family members. I don’t blame them for this because I’m way past the age of knowing not to eat that way, but it’s definitely hard as a child to not binge when both of my parents were guilty of it. I only binge when something in my life goes to crap, so it’s not a usual occurrence.

Not surprisingly, I am on the chunky side. Surprisingly, I am a very healthy person. I don’t have diabetes, my liver is fine, and my cholesterol is very normal. I thought I might have polycystic ovary syndrome because I have an irregular menstrual cycle, but I don’t have any cysts and one of the standard treatments for it (Metformin) didn’t seem to work on me. The women in my mother’s family are on the large side, so my appearance just might be heredity exacerbated by bad eating habits.

I really would like to change myself. Up until this point, I was way into The Biggest Loser but now I’m not so much. My hip has been bothering me lately so it makes it difficult to even walk for very long, but I am day one into a Coca-Cola detox. I made a cake over the weekend (with reduced sugar cake mix) and it should be gone tomorrow. It’s just very discouraging because I’ll do well in terms of diet and exercise for a while- a month or so- and I won’t see any major results and I’ll relapse. I guess I blame The Biggest Loser a little for that because they make it appear easier than it is… but that’s the magic of television, I suppose.

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  1. Von Schwarcz says:

    Good infomation here, thanks.

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